About Us

HarvesterXML Development Group
Our charter is to provide products and custom programming that add value to the PinnacleCart shopping cart and StoneEdge OMS installations. Many of our current products were developed to enhance the PinnacleCart experience of our PENWA.com customers. HarvesterXML was developed to streamline PENWA.com Customer Service and Shipping Department activities; and has been in continuous commercial service since November 2007.

Our Technology

By developing custom server pages in PHP and HTML programming languages, we were able to implement our AddressScrub and AddressView products for use by PENWA.com to intelligently format and display address information entered (sometimes carelessly) by our customers. HarvesterXML Order Management System was designed as a Windows based product utilizing the power of Visual Basic 6 to syncnronize with your PinnacleCart server, while making order information instantly available with the ability to auto-print new orders and integrate with USPS, UPS, FedEx and Canada Post shipping solutions. Ultimately we acheived the ability to push Detailed Order Status information to the PinnacleCart server which allows staff members, as well as all customers, to view up-to-the-second information regarding any order. We employ a Microsoft Access Database as well as data caching to provide faster-than-database-access to display most order information. No alteration is required to operate with your existing PinnacleCart MySQL server database.

Our History

We are a family business and we are committed to providing timely support for your online business. Rick has been programming in Visual Basic 6, ASP, Access, SQL, JavaScript and HTML since 1995 and in PHP for the PinnacleCart shopping cart since 2007. Rick has committed most of the last 9 years to continuing development and enhancements to HarvesterXML.