AddressScrub Library for Pinnacle Cart will provide corrected capitalization for all customer-provided information when customers enter data while registering or receiving customer info for Express Checkout or from PayPal Express Checkout.

AddressView Productivity Pages provide proper formatting and display of addresses with Company, Address Line 2 and Country on a separate line with correct display of City, State and Zip Code with comma after City with two character State designation and zip code. Extraneous commas are removed. The AddressView corrected formatting is provided on all Admin web pages and Customer web pages including the Invoice Page and Admin Emails.

If you download information to an Order Management System you will benefit from AddressScrub reformatting customer information at the point at which it first enters your system.

If you print invoices from PinnalceCart or use the PinnacleCart Admin Website on a daily basis, you will benefit from AddressScrub and AddressView.