HarvesterXML Order Management System

HarvesterXML OMS for PinnacleCart 3.6 is available for purchase.

HarvesterXML OMS for PinnacleCart 3.7 is available for purchase.

HarvesterXML OMS for PinnacleCart 3.8 is available for purchase.

HarvesterXML Order Management System has been in continuous commercial operation since 2007 with PENWA.com. We use it to automatically print our incoming orders and to maintain detailed status on all orders; including tracking information which is instantly available to our Registered Customers. Our Customer Service operation is enhanced by the lightning quick access to order information and order history. Our Shipping Operation is streamlined by the automatic flow of customer information to the USPS, UPS, FedEx and Canada Post shipping programs. 

HarvesterXML OMS provides the ability for all of our Customer Service, Shipping and Administrative staff to view and/or update up-to-the-second status of any order from anywhere in the world with a single-click link to carrier tracking information. 

Our Customer Service staff enjoys the quick search that searches names and email address of recent orders and the powerful deep search of all orders in the ACCESS Database and Archived Databases which automatically searches in the address data, the order items and the order notes. 

Our Shipping Operation benefits from the integration with USPS/Endicia DAZZLE, UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager since all shipping addresses, email addresses and phone numbers are automatically available in the designated application. Shipping a package is as simple as selecting the customer from a list, or pasting or scanning the order number into the desired application. We then scan the shipper's bar code directly into HarvesterXML and it is posted to the server where it is then immediately available to registered customers. 

We utilize the HarvesterXML ShelfPack Module to prepare weekly or semi-weekly restocking orders to multiple vendors while maintaining shelf-pack quantities on the purchase orders (and retaining the remainders to be included with future purchase orders.) 

We also benefit from the Analytics Module that calculates profitability of each brand allowing us to view sales volume, taking into consideration designated shipping cost and actual advertising costs. 

The Email Mining feature allows us to create custom email lists from selected orders currently displayed in the order list. This could be today's orders, or the result of a deep search for any specified criteria.