HarvesterXML OrderTrack provides the ability to scan or enter up to 25 Tracking Numbers at one time without the need to open the Order Pages. Installation replaces only three Admin files on your PinnacleCart Server.

For access to your FREE 15 day trial, please REGISTER with your server URL in the customer name field. After registering, please email me to request the OrderTrack 15 day Trial at Rick@HarvesterXML.com. Installation instructions are provided at the bottom of this page. Files are provided ION CUBE encoded.

FREE White Glove FTP installation to your PinnacleCart server is provided with the purchase of an annual License.

NOTE: Manual initiation for creating and downloading each file is required due to the website environment. (With HarvesterXML OMS the UPS, FedEx, and Premium Endicia DAZzle files are automatically generated without user intervention.)

NOTE: The "Status Detail" column information shown for each order requires an optional StatusView License activation; otherwise, this column will be blank.

Below are screen shots of the Admin Orders page provided with the Export buttons at the bottom. Below the screen shot are installation instructions for OrderTrack.

Admin Orders Page:

HarvesterXML OrderTrack Installation instructions: