OrderView for PinnacleCart

HarvesterXML OrderView replaces only one page on your PinnacleCart Server.

OrderView enables your Customer Service staff to quickly locate and view brief order status notes with a single-click link to tracking information directly from the order list. Installation is achieved by replacing your admin_orders.php page.

1. Order Number and Date/Time Order was Placed (instead of Last Status Date/Time)
2. Displays 100 orders per page
3. Optimizes webpage to view more orders without scrolling
4. Shows Order Status along with brief Order Notes
5. Hot-Links for carrier tracking info
6. Hot-Links for email to customer
7. Hover for Detailed Order information
8. Hover for Shipping address, phone, email and IP Address
9. Shows total value of orders on the page
10. Provides Microsoft Mail formatted email address of orders on the page Service 99% of customer inquiries without leaving this page; save dozens of clicks and other screens loading. You won't believe that you lived without it for $1 per day for unlimited users.

For access to your FREE 30 day trial of HarvesterXML OrderView DASHBOARD, please REGISTER with your server URL in the customer name field. After registering, please email me to request the OrderView DASHBOARD 30 day Trial at Rick@HarvesterXML.com. Installation instructions are provided at the bottom of this page. Files are provided ION CUBE encoded.

FREE White Glove FTP installation to your PinnacleCart server is provided with the purchase of an annual License.

NOTE: The Export USPS, UPS, FedEx and Canada Post buttons shown at the bottom of the page requires an optional OrderShip License for activation.

NOTE: The Status Detailed Notes shown on each order line requires an optional StatusView License for activation.

Below are screen shots of the Admin Orders page provided and the Customer Order page provided. Below the screen shots are installation instructions for OrderView.

Admin Orders Page:

HarvesterXML OrderView Installation instructions: