StatusView for PinnacleCart

StatusView makes possible highly efficient communication among your Customer Service staff and your Shipping Operation as well as your Registered Customers by providing the capability to attach Detailed Status and Order Notess to any order. Installation is achieved by replacing your Admin Order page and your Customer Order page.

StatusView begins by retaining any customer information received via the Gift Message (or Additional Info) field in One-Page-Checkout. Additional information is may be added at any time and is immediately available to other Admin users as well as Customers via the Customer OrderStatus page. When used with HarvesterXML OMS, formatted order info and shipping information is added at receipt of order, during the shipping operation and at any other time as required. In addition, any information preceiding the first "::" will be displayed on the OrderView page; greatly increasing Customer Service personnel ability to execute efficiently.

A single-click link to tracking information is provided on both the Admin and the Customer pages. As an added bonus, the SEND LOG on the Admin Order page is fixed. Also, AddressView technology in included in both pages which enhances the display of all addreses. StatusView replaces only two pages on your PinnacleCart Server.

For access to your FREE 15 day trial, please REGISTER with your server URL in the customer name field. After registering, please email me to request the StatusView 15 day StatusView Trial at Installation instructions are provided at the bottom of this page. Files are provided ION CUBE encoded.

FREE White Glove FTP installation to your PinnacleCart server is provided with the purchase of an annual License.

NOTE: The addresses displayed on the Admin Order and Customer Order pages have been automatically enhanced by AddressScrub. An AddressScrub License is available separately.

Below are screen shots of the Admin Orders page provided and the Customer Order page provided. Below the screen shots sre installation instructions for Status-View which you should be able to save as a PDF.

Admin Order Page:

Registered Customer Order Page:

HarvesterXML StatusView Installation instructions: