Terms and Conditions

HarvesterXML Development Group: Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy

This agreement (hereinafter "Agreement", "Terms of Service", "TOS" or "Terms") has been put together to provide you with a complete and comprehensive set of policies that bind us as the hosting services provider, and you, our customer. HarvesterXML Development Group reserves the right to change or alter these terms of service at anytime without notice.

HarvesterXML Development Group service is based on your contract and terms. Please review your terms of service that you received when you purchased your product.

HarvesterXML Development Group, 617 Stokes Road #4-190, Medford, NJ 08055-3005

Cancellations are subject to removal of all HarvesterXML Development Group Software and shopping cart services which are subject to the “HarvesterXML Development Group Software and Services License agreement”. The “HarvesterXML Development Group Software”, its shopping cart, source code and technology, as well as any customizations are the property of HarvesterXML Development Group and not the leasing party. Customization to any product that is owned by HarvesterXML Development Group will not be refundable and are not transferable technology.

HarvesterXML Development Group makes no promise of sales through your website, nor do we actively market, promote or pursue placement of your website in search engines – you are solely responsible for the marketing and promotion and sales from your website, domain and products. HarvesterXML Development Group is merely providing a license for the use of the HarvesterXML OMS, AddressScrub and AddressView Software and services.

Due to the nature of the Internet and the factors of running an e-commerce business, HarvesterXML Development Group will not be held fiscally or legally responsible for the loss of sales or negative impact on business due to the following conditions:
• Unscheduled downtime of your server, website or shopping cart and software
• Virus, worms or software vulnerabilities, which affect your site or your customers
• Bugs or software defects, which may impact your site or your customers
• Any problems related to the use of HarvesterXML Development Group technology and services

HarvesterXML Development Group does not refund or compensate customers based on downtime or lost sales.

By signing the agreement below, you agree to the HarvesterXML Development Group Software License and hosting agreement. All software, pricing and terms of services are subject to change. HarvesterXML Development Group reserves the right to change any agreement terms or language at any time.

Customization charges, setup fees and the software fees are non-refundable.

All source code, programs, and technology, which are leased by customer, are escrowed to a location off-site and secured in the company name for future reference. In the event of an unforeseen catastrophic failure, or if HarvesterXML dissolves or is rendered out-of-business, a customer has the ability to obtain said software and all related source code to assure continuance of it’s use and ability to operate customers business as before dissolution or discontinuance of HarvesterXML Development Group.