Order Status Update

Update Status Screen

This screen appears when the currently selected order on the Order List is double-clicked or the UPDATE button is clicked.

This screen facilitates the updating of Detailed Order Status which is stored for each order in the local ACCESS Database and instantly available to Admin and Cusotmers via the PinnacleCart server. 

The first section of data (up to the first "::") is displayed on the OrderView page in PinnacleCart Admin and is viewable and editable on the PinnacleCart OrderStatus page.

This allows communication of Detailed Order Status to all Admin users and Customers logging.

When this screen is displayed, several buttons are loaded with pre-formatted shipping detail, drop-ship order and PO Number information which will populate the Windows Clipboard upon the clicking of the "Ship Note" button, the "PO Note" button, the "PO Text" button which can be Pasted to complete the shipping detail information.  The action of these buttons is controlled by Setup.

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